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Commercial Automation
Experienced, Agile, Innovative

Commercial Automation is an agile designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative robotic kiosk solutions. It helps clients across multiple industries be first-to-market with complete solutions for developing, launching, deploying, and operating robotic kiosks. Its experienced team boasts several successful automated kiosk implementations.  The company also integrates and implements their Enhanced Awareness Intelligence platform to help business enhance their ability to collect and analyze relevant data to make better strategic choices and enhance their customers’ experiences.


Commercial Automation can develop kiosk concepts based on client ideas, or adapt existing client kiosk prototypes into consumer-grade products.


Commercial Automation provides a platform to collect, analyze and provide real-time, intelligent responses to customers and situations.

Data Science

The CA data science practice can help clients develop dashboard and reports using interconnected analytic approaches



Commercial Automation provides a powerful, reliable kiosk management software platform.


Consulting Services

We provide recommendations and solutions for robotic kiosk design, development, manufacturing, deployment, and successful operation.


Support Services

Ongoing support services to ensure optimal kiosk operation, including monitoring, reporting, fulfillment and procurement services.

About Commercial Automation

Commercial Automation provides its clients with the fastest path to designing, manufacturing, and deploying innovative, automated kiosk solutions that improve the shopping experience, increase product availability, and generate profitability.

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