Artificial Intelligence


Use AI to Make Better Decisions and Respond in Real Time

Commercial Automation offers its Enhanced Awareness Intelligence (EAI) platform. Utilizing computer vision and detection, it intelligently responds to situations and scenarios in a way that creates value through enhanced customer experiences, improved security, and increased profitability.

EAI utilizes computer vision and detection to monitor and collect data about activities and customers across locations (Enhanced Awareness). With EAI, businesses can intelligently respond in real-time, based on the situations that are detected.  Examples include:

  • Facial analytics to detect customer demographics to trigger targeted advertisements
  • Facial recognition of opt-in guests to trigger personal greetings and amenities to enhance their experience
  • Crowd footfall measurement to assess congestion & areas of interest, trigger staff alerts or customer incentives to migrate elsewhere and enhance retention
  • Computer vision detects potential threats bases on shapes/movements to trigger alerts to security staff and possibly guests

In addition to providing real-time responses, EAI runs dashboard analytics on all awareness data collected. Organizations can continuously improve their decision making, supported by data-driven, machine-learning insights.