Basil Street, a startup company and Commercial Automation (CA) client, has closed a $10 million priced round of funding. This funding enables a multi-city pilot program rollout of the innovative, CA-designed gourmet pizza vending machine. This latest pilot phase is schedule to launch across the United States beginning in April 2020.

Automated pizza vending machines are poised to disrupt the pizza business through unparalleled convenience and a high-quality product at affordable prices. Consumers who participated in early pilot programs were uniformly enthusiastic about the get a freshly baked, brick-oven style gourmet pizza from a stand-alone vending machine in about three minutes.

Basil Street Pizza Testimonials from Basil Street on Vimeo.

“The success Basil Street is now experiencing perfectly models how our team creates great outcomes for clients,” said Jeff Klemp, Chief Operating Officer at CA. “We partnered with the Basil Street team from the outset of this project, helping to size the opportunity, fully understand the market needs, and scope the technology requirements. Our close collaboration and blending of expertise produced the innovative automated pizza kitchens that is at the heart of Basil Street’s enthusiastic reception by the investment community and consumers alike. We’ll continue to work together on rolling out automated pizza kitchens and growing their business.”