Commercial Automation, a developer of automated, specialty kiosk solutions, announces CA-AdVisage, a biometrics-driven advertising platform that intelligently delivers ads to a wide range of kiosks and similar devices. Commercial Automation provides implementation services to enable rapid deployment of CA-AdVisage. Analytics services are also available through the Commercial Automation Data Science division. These services help customers get meaning and insights from the biometric data that CA-AdVisage collects.

Retailers, casinos, restauranteurs and others can leverage CA-AdVisage to serve advertising while customers interact with kiosks and other devices. Using this solution to take advantage of the dwell time consumers have at kiosks will enable retailers to get better returns from their advertising spend. Retailers will also get a better understand consumer dynamics from the deep insights CA-AdVisage will provide into how customers respond to advertising.

How CA-AdVisage Works

There are four, broad steps in the CA-AdVisage process:

  1. Customer analysis. When consumers approach a kiosk or device on which CA-AdVisage is running, while serving ad impressions it performs high-level, facial biometric analysis to determine a consumer’s approximate age, gender, emotion/mood, attentiveness, and ethnicity.
  2. Ad impression. CA-AdVisage serves one or more ads to the consumer based on the initial biometric analysis.
  3. Monitoring. Using facial biometrics, CA-AdVisage monitors consumer response to an ad impression to determine the level of interest in and reaction to the ad.
  4. Data collection and analysis. No identifying information about consumers is collected, but data about the response to an ad impression is. This data is available for analysis to gain insights into engagement levels, which allow advertisers to get better results.
How the CA-AdVisage Biometric Advertising Platform Works

How CA-AdVisage works.

CA-AdVisage Ad Support

The advertising platform will support a variety of ad types and formats, including static, graphic display ads and video ads.

Implementing CA-AdVisage

Commercial Automation provides a full range of implementation services to enable quick, easy implementation of CA-AdVisage. The implementation process begins with an assessment to determine the cost and a deployment plan. Commercial Automation provides a turnkey solution that includes all necessary hardware and software installation as well as setup services. Once CA-AdVisage is in use, the Commercial Automation Data Science Division can provide data analysis services to provide robust insights to clients.

CA-AdVisage Availability

CA-AdVisage works with most commercially available retail kiosk systems, and is an optional feature of Commercial Automation developed kiosk solutions. The solution becomes generally available in July 2019. To learn more about CA-AdVisage, contact the Commercial Automation team.