Commercial Automation (CA) has a proven track record of successful kiosk deployments. Our team has experience supporting the full kiosk life-cycle, from pilot to large-scale network rollouts.  CA has background implementing kiosk solutions across automated retail, food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.

These successful kiosk implementations are powered by the CA Kiosk Automation Management Platform (CA-KAMP), a proven, powerful, and reliable kiosk management platform. CA-KAMP is available for client and OEM kiosk development efforts, or to replace less capable or reliable kiosk management systems with something better. CA-KAMP provides timely and critical oversight functions that create a competitive advantage for automated kiosk solutions.

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Key CA-KAMP Features

CA-KAMP is customizable to easily support kiosk hardware and robotics, or web and mobile app-based ordering. CA can integrate its platform with leading payment providers and vending payment hardware. The capabilities of CA-KAMP include:

  • Inventory Manager:
    • Manage products, including SKU, UPC & tax class information
    • Update/create products en masse
    • Export product information
    • Build planograms using your catalog
  • Pricing Manager:
    • Set product pricing for your stores
    • Assign stores to price zones by location or other demographic data
    • Schedule future price changes
  • Promotions Portal:
    • Offer discounts for free product
    • Restrict discounts or alert customers of discounts
    • Drive sales through targeted campaigns by machine, network, or region
  • Location Groups:
    • Manage configurations by group
    • Push planogram/promo changes
  • Reports:
    • View inventory, sales, units sold, sessions, transactions, and more
    • Export reports as PDF, XLS, or CSV

Benefits of CA-KAMP

Using CA-KAMP to power your kiosks will enable you to:

  • Optimize your product assortment and inventory levels by market
  • Deliver consistent messaging across the network
  • Drive sales through targeted campaigns by machine, network, or region
  • Reduce your overhead
  • Understand sales patterns
  • Improve kiosk uptime

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