The Commercial Automation (CA) team worked with a client that had developed an initial version of a pharmaceutical dispensary kiosk. The project stalled when the company diverted its attention to larger priorities. The CA team was able to provide leadership for the project to revive it and move it in an agile fashion through the development cycle.

This client had created an initial prototype of a pharmaceutical dispensing kiosk that was conceptually brilliant, but hampered by some design issues, particularly involving internal robotics. The CA team was asked to identify the design improvements and modifications needed to ensure reliable kiosk operation. Furthermore, the client wanted CA to explore growth channels within the healthcare industry for this kiosk solution.

Automatic pharmacy kiosk solution

The team of CA engineers were able to develop a plan to resolve the kiosk hardware and robotics issues. One of the issues with the initial kiosk design was that the software could not support the healthcare channels in which the client hoped the kiosk would operate. The CA development team built a plan to write the additional software required to satisfy all medical regulations and meet the needs of each channel.

At the same time planning was underway to resolve kiosk hardware and software issues, CA began to develop growth channel recommendations as well. To do so, it conducted research on market size and potential customers, assessed business model options and the profitability potential of each, while developing potential customer relationships. This research enabled CA to determine the kiosk hardware and software requirements to satisfy channel partners, assess placement alternatives, and develop a detailed implementation plan. The CA-developed plan includes retail locations, hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices, a market reach far beyond what the client had originally envisioned.

The work CA was engaged to do positions this client to successfully place thousands of pharmaceutical dispensary kiosks in ideal locations. The broader vision that CA cast for this client project has the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue over the life of the project, far in excess of what the client thought possible.