The Commercial Automation (CA) team helped a client rapidly take a vision for an automated pizza kitchen from concept to kiosk. The client recognized an opportunity to enter the $45 billion U.S. pizza market with a kiosk solution, but it lacked the expertise to develop and deploy an automated pizza kiosk that could hold up under the rigors of consumer use.  The founder of the client company engaged CA to help get the idea through all the development stages and into the market as quickly as possible.

Automated pizza kitchen kiosk

CA met with the founder of the client company to gain a complete understanding of the idea and vision for an automated pizza kiosk.  The result of the exploratory discussion was the development of a robust kiosk roadmap. CA has a successful record of taking ideas from initial concept through the development cycle all the way to deployment and ongoing operations. This effort led to the creation of a prototype kiosk.  As the prototype was undergoing testing and refinement, the experts at CA developed an RFP to identify prospective OEMs to manufacture the kiosks.  After identifying the ideal kiosk OEM, CA provides ongoing oversight to the manufacturing process. CA also developed upstream and downstream suppliers to aid in creating a best-in-class value proposition.

A successful kiosk solution requires far more than functional hardware. The experts at CA are helping this client identify locations where an automated pizza kiosk will succeed. At the same time, CA’s expertise in supply chains and fulfillment enable it to develop relationships with suppliers of the food-grade ingredients needed to prepare fresh, hot pizza in a kiosk in less than three minutes. The scope of these efforts included completing the NSF certification process for the kiosk, a requirement for commercial food-grade kiosk operation. Because the CA team understood the NSF and UL certification processes, it designed to kiosk unit from the beginning to achieve and comply with these necessary certifications.

To support the planned rollout of as many as 25,000 automated pizza kiosks, CA is developing a launch plan to deploy units in various locations, and support them through ongoing monitoring, sourcing and fulfillment. This support includes development of a network operating center to monitor units from a central source and handling fulfillment and ongoing servicing efforts.

Speed to market was a key reason CA was selected by the client to support this project. In the retail life-cycle, being agile and nimble in the development cycle allows CA to get solutions to market in a timely fashion. Having an idea is the first step of many, and CA understands the complicated channels of a development effort.  Helping the client achieve its objectives requires an experienced partner such as Commercial Automation that provides deep hardware, robotics, software, supply chain and operations expertise.