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Kiosk Consulting Services

Kiosk Consulting Services

Commercial Automation (CA) provides expertise, advisory services, and recommendations to help clients successfully develop, build and roll out kiosk solutions.  Clients can engage the Commercial Automation team with just an idea and end up with a detailed roadmap for the development and implementation of a self-interactive, commercial-grade kiosk.  The services CA provides for kiosk projects span every phase from conception to operation, including:

  • Development, Prototyping and Testing
  • Location Selection
  • Manufacturing Selection and Oversight
  • Volume Manufacturing
  • Upstream Supply Chain
  • Procurement/RFP
  • Metrics

The kiosk automation and robotics experts at Commercial Automation will ensure the right technology goes into kiosk design and manufacturing, and that all the operational considerations are thoroughly addressed. For operational kiosks, the CA team can provide oversight of operations or run them for clients.