Data Science

Turn Your Data Into A Competitive Advantage.

An organization’s data is often one of its most underutilized assets. Commercial Automation has the tools and expertise to help create, collect, manage, analyze, and leverage a variety of business data to gain critical insights from it.

The CA data science practice can help clients develop dashboard and reports using three, interconnected types of analytic approaches:

  1. Descriptive analytics: essential and fundamental summaries of historical business data.
  2. Predictive analytics: using descriptive analytics as input, predicts future business outcomes.
  3. Proscriptive analytics: using descriptive and predictive analytics as input, aids decision-making to alter future outcomes.

This comprehensive range of data science services that CA offers can:

  • Improve profitability by identifying low-margin activities
  • Improve supply chain efficiency
  • Increase customer or retail basket size
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Minimize fraud and shrink

Let CA help you exploit your data to realize greater business efficiency, improve performance, and deliver better customer experiences.