Kiosk Design- Commercial Automation

Kiosk Concept, Design, Test, Build and Deployment

Commercial Automation (CA) helps clients successfully navigate every phase of the kiosk solution lifecycle. Beginning with design, the CA team can develop a kiosk concept based on client ideas, test prototypes, develop software and guide the manufacturing process to deliver robust, consumer-grade solutions tempered for market use.

CA consultants work with clients to build a roadmap for the creation of highly-interactive, unattended sales, vending and dispensing kiosks that exploit advanced robotics. The roadmaps are the blueprint for the successful build-out and roll-out of kiosk solutions. Roadmaps can include consulting services such as kiosk location recommendations, upstream supply chain development, metrics dashboard design, and even patent investigation opportunities. For international clients, CA can ensure kiosks can operate in the U.S. market by obtaining proper certifications from government and industry bodies, such as NSF.

For clients with existing kiosk designs that need better functionality, CA consultants can interpret those designs and identify changes or upgrades to enable scalable deployment.  The Commercial Automation team has successfully developed and deployed automated, robotic kiosks in a number of market categories:

  • Automated retail
  • Entertainment
  • Food grade
  • Healthcare/medical
  • Locker