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Our team of robotic and retail experts is here whenever and however you need. Consider us an extension of your in-house team.


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Unsurpassed Ability to Investigate and Navigate Regulatory & Compliance Requirements

Our team ensures our solutions meet all country, state, and local regulatory requirements. Our team has experience working with NSF, UL, and other requirement certification groups to ensure consumer-facing solutions are safe and sanitary.  


For clients with existing kiosk designs that need better functionality, we can interpret those designs and identify changes or upgrades to enable scalable deployment.  The Commercial Automation team has successfully developed and deployed automated, robotic kiosks in a number of market categories.

Our team of robotic innovators can help you through all phases of the design process to create a kiosk that takes your business into the future including:

Our powerful, reliable robotic kiosk management SaaS software solution provides a focused business-centric hub to deliver partners with the centralized control of their unmanned fleet.  Fleet solutions are optimally designed to be economical and scale at the pace of the product evolution. 

The Kiosk Automation Management Platform (CA-KAMP) leverages the SCADA (Software-Based Control System Architecture) best practices to develop, bringing a micro-manufacturing plant approach to the fleet ultimately resulting in end-to-end visibility to the robotic lifecycle.

Solutions include:

We have a deep seasoned team of subject matter experts that have a long history of providing exceptional customer focused retail solutions. Our team has decades of real-world retail experience. This best-in-class skillset provides solutions from data analytics, to pricing and placement strategies, to supply chain and field management development, optimization and management. 

We are your one-stop-shop to optimize your smart retail business.

Services include:

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